Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's About Time

I had almost complete forgot about this little blog, until the other day Sam emailed me the link with the subject of, "memory lane." As I scanned through my older post I was sad that I don't have a good record of the past several months, so I'm back on it.

This summer flew by with a trip to Lake Powell, followed by a couple weeks in Logan. I said good bye to my sister as she left for the Santa Rosa, California Mission. I then drove back to Dallas with my sweet mother who agreed to make the drive with me. It was my first time ever hauling a trailer and I have to say Sam (and my father-in-law) would have been proud at my mad backing skills displayed at the Ramada, in Santa Fe.

Things slowed down back in Texas, as I was really sick most of July and August. I think this is where James developed is love of Milo and Otis, as on bad days it was not unusual for him to watch it a few times a day. Yet, now the sickness is over and the heat has subsided in Texas and everyone is feeling great.

The end of August we made the drive to Destin, Florida where we met up with the Salmon crew for a fantastic family reunion. Filled with the beach, great food and great company it will be a family reunion never to be forgotten. While there us Lee's were able to visit the grave site of a few amazing ancestors, who showed great faith in joining the church and giving up comforts to live the gospel. It was a special feeling to visit there resting places.

We have a sweet baby girl coming to our family the end of February and I could not be more excited. James is clueless. He seems to be growing up so fast!