Monday, December 31, 2012

Home for the Holidays

Sam, James, and I packed our bags and loaded in an airplane in order to spend Christmas with our loved ones.  We had a wonderful time in Utah.

Plane delays.

Loving Grandma

Mercedes fixes.

Cousins meet.

Cousins reunite.

Cosmic bowling.

Christmas morning.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Train

This week for family home evening Sam and I had so much fun constructing a Christmas train.

James was very nice to help with the laundry this week.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Parade

This week we went to the Flower Mound Christmas Parade. It was the best parade I have ever been to, because unlike every other parade it was not 100 degrees.  It was a pretty typical parade- little girl dance teams, decorated cars, and tons of scouts.

It had been pretty chilly in the mornings lately, so James has been all bundled up in his snow suit for our runs.   The other day he fell asleep so I transferred him to his crib, he slept really well in his snow suit.  

James loves bath time. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

According to our weather it is not beginning to look a lot like Christmas. It was 80 degrees and sunny yesterday and the rest of the week is going to be very much the same. Yet, Christmas is all around. We put up our Christmas Tree and some lights in our window.

On Saturday was our ward Christmas party. It was in the morning so we enjoyed breakfast foods. There was a program the primary kids sang and the YW/YM sang a rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas, and they asked me to sing O Holy Night as well. 

Also, on Saturday we visited the Carrolton Stake Center, where they had a nativity display. There had to be more than a thousand different Creches set up in the cultural hall. It was beautiful. There were so many different styles, big, small, fancy, homemade, cartoony, realistic, and even live. 

James thinks the funniest thing to do now is to shake his head back and forth. He also likes to play with the rug and stick his legs through his crib.