Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Discovering Dallas

My mom came to visit us, we had a bast.

We went to the swings.

James got tired so he rested his ear on the edge of the swing. 

We went to the Dallas Art Museum. 

It was a great museum. It had a little bit of everything; ancient, classic, modern, and my favorite home furnishings.

We went to an old drug store that had a diner inside.

We got there just before the diner was closing and they were so nice to serve us. 

We went to the Dallas Zoo.

You can see James little face poking out from behind the gorilla.

This is the same monorail that two days later broke down and all the riders had to berescued by the fire department. I just wonder which animal enclosure they had to get off in. 

There were a tone of people who had paid for "giraffe food" trying to get the giraffes to come close to them with little success. We walked over to the other side and a friendly giraffe came right over to us. You can see the progression and just how close he came to us. 

And we played.

Thanks for coming and visiting Grandma Lee we had so much fun!


  1. the white pants are killing me. so cute

  2. Oh, I had such a wonderful time. Even though it looks like I wore the same shirt the whole time! Still grieving for Talbots. Can't wait for June!!